Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Huxley Grandpuppies

Huxley, at 9.5 yrs old

If all goes well this year it looks as if Huxley will be a grandfather again, several times over:
At Kippenhill in Florida, Huxley's daughter, Marlene (Ch Kippenhill Too Cool to Care) has just been bred to Andy (Ch Destiny as Good as it Gets JH WC). Andy is a son of this year's Best of Breed winnter at Westminister (Cutter - Ch Quillquest Etched in Stone JH OA AXJ). Cutter is the same age as Huxley and it was great to see him win best of breed and looking so great at his age. Puppies will be black and liver.

At Songdog in Indiana, Annie (HR Blazingstar Beaufort CDX SH) will be bred to Doc (Ch Black Walnut Asclepius MH AX OAJ WCX HOF) using frozen semen. Doc was an exceptionally accomplished dog in fieldwork. Doc carries liver, so some of the puppies should be liver.

Bertschire kennel in Georgia plan to breed Flame (Ch Bertschire House on Fire) to our Tinbie this spring. Flame has many dogs in her background that we have admired for a long time, for both their looks and working ability.

In South Carolina, Flatout kennel will be breeding Reno (Ch Swallowsflight Jetblack Baccarat WC JH) to Tinbie. Reno carries liver, so there should be both liver and black puppies.

And here at Blazingstar we hope to have a litter out of Teva (Blazingstar Tansley) sometime this year.

We hope that Huxley's grandpuppies all inherit his working ability, looks and longevity!

(Huxley's opinion of all of this is that he'd much rather be a father again..... )

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