Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Teva has Arrived

Teva's owners brought her down to us on the weekend. She will whelp and raise her puppies here. They are due on July 5th, a little less than a week away.
Teva is in great shape - despite carrying an extra load, she is very healthy and fit. Thank-you so much to Darren and Michele for looking after her so well during her pregnancy.

This week she is spending a lot of time sleeping, but is still game to go for short in the cool of the morning and evening. On the weekend she got to search for some ducks hidden in the long grass, which she thought was great fun. Her other favourite thing to do is EAT!! She has an enormous appetite.


  1. Teva looks very healthy and what a shiny coat!What a year for green grass and wildflowers.

  2. Rest up now Teva, you're gonna be a busy girl! Beautiful girl.