Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cava - 1 Year Old

This photo was taken of the Bramatha "Under" litter by our friend Hayley when she went to visit them. We are pretty sure that the puppy that is mid-air must have been Cava!

Today Cava (Bramatha Under Pressure) turned 1 year old. In some ways she still seems very much a puppy, but in other ways she is wise and smart beyond her years (or um, year). In the 9 months she has been with us, Cava has stolen our hearts. Her spark and sass has helped to fill some of the void left by Pipit and Tally. While all of our flat-coats have been born with springs, and like to leap in the air and jump up, Cava is the leapiest, jumpiest flat-coat we've ever had. She carefully manages to avoid hitting us in the face by a few millimetres (most times).... She is agile, graceful and strong.

Thank-you so much to her breeder, Sarah Whittaker, for letting this little spitfire come to Canada to live with us.


  1. Happy Birthday to Cava!!!...Its hard to believe she is a year old. She is maturing very nicely

  2. She is a beauty, so graceful. The epitome of the UK breed standard - 'power without lumber, raciness without weediness'