Friday, May 20, 2011

Ch Blazingstar Puffin

At the Medicine Hat dog show last weekend, Puffin finished her Canadian Championship.   On Friday she won Best of Breed from the senior puppy class, winning over Tinbie and Cava, who were entered as champions.  This gave her the last 2 points she needed to finish.   She finished under well-respected judge Virginia Lyne. 

We moved her up to show in the champion class for the rest of the weekend.  On Saturday she was Best of Opposite to Tinbie and on Sunday she won Best of Breed again, with Tinbie winning Best of Opposite.

Also at the show, Willow, Blazingstar Brown Buffalobean, owned and shown by Christine, won her first 2 championship points.  Congratulations to Willow and Christine!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats to Puffin on her Ch!!!! and what a nice way to finish her last points.

    Congrats also to Willow on her points...there will be no stopping her now!