Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our Summer & Early Fall

So just what was keeping us so busy this summer and fall?  We packed a lot in:

Liz was doing some work around Waterton and also up in north-central Alberta and we were able to combine work with various fun adventures and the dogs got to come along on some of them.

Puffin in the Kootenay Plains, central Alberta

Waterton Lakes National Park

We made some good progress in both field and obedience training.



We had family visiting, which meant the dogs got a lot of extra attention.


As always, our garden took up a lot of time and energy, but it provided all of our vegetable and fruit needs from May to the end of October, including the dogs'.   We have lots canned, dried and frozen for the rest of the year. 

A small portion of our vegetable garden (with a few flowers too!)

And of course there was the usual river fun at home.

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