Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cava at Two Years Old

Cava turned two years old on January 9th.  We try to keep photographic records of all of our dogs as they mature, so we had a Cava's "two year" photo shoot last weekend.

Too bad she's pulling a face in this one!

Her tail never stops wagging

Concentrating hard on standing still

Nice tongue!

We are very pleased with how she is growing up.  Physically, she's a powerful female with a nice amount of substance but still very feminine.  Mentally she is a clever dog that keeps us on our toes but her bubbly attitude makes her a blast to train for obedience and fieldwork.  Her obedience training is coming along very nicely.  She can do all of the Novice exercises and many of the Open exercises, but is not quite ring ready yet.  For her, the biggest challenge is concentrating when there are people around to visit with!  But we are slowly conquering that.  She has learned the basics of scent discrimination with wooden articles and has a good start on learning utility go-outs.  In the field she is becoming a steady and sensible worker and just needs more experience in different situations.  


  1. love that last picture!!!!! of course I LOVE everything about her ! :)

  2. SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful!!!!!!