Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Points for Odo!

When this little guy left Blazingstar, we had high hopes for him and his owner, Tom.  This past weekend Odo went to the Denver shows and won Winners Dog 3 out of the 4 days, racking up 6 US Championship points!   On one of the days he also was Best of Opposite over a Special.  Very nice for such a youngster.  Odo is Blazingstar King Eider, from our seabird litter (Remus x Teva).

Congratulations to Odo and Tom!


  1. Hurray for Odo!!, he was the puppy biting my nose in the picture you took :)

  2. cute, cute, cute, as only Flats can be.

  3. What a darling little face, congrats, Odo! :)