Monday, March 5, 2012

Agility Trial Champion - Lindy!

We are very excited to announce that Lindy became Blazingstar's first Agility Trial Champion of Canada last weekend.   We are so proud of Rod and Lindy - they are an amazing team.  

Lindy is HR ATChC Blazingstar Linnaeus CDX JH WCI RE AgIS AgIJWWS CGN (from our scientist litter, Huxley x Lupine).

This is a HUGE accomplishment and there are not many flat-coated retrievers in Canada that have achieved this title - only 10 dogs to date!   Lindy completed the title under judge France Becker at the AVID trial in Saanich BC, by qualifying in the Masters Gamble event. 

The Team!

HR ATChC Blazingstar Linnaeus CDX JH WCI RE AgIS AgIJWWS CGN

Lindy pondering her future in agility at 6 weeks old

The agile Lindy on a visit to Blazingstar in 2010


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  1. Truly a fantastic accomplishment!!! Hopefully I will give you your 2nd ATCH one day !!! LOL!