Thursday, August 9, 2012

Canadian Specialty - Obedience

In July we headed to Abbotsford, BC for the 2012 FCRSC National Specialty.  It was extra special as we had some UK visitors along to watch and help show our dogs.

The specialty started with the obedience trial.

Darren and Teva were the first Blazingstar team in the ring.  Teva (Blazingstar Tansley) did a super job and ended up winning the Novice A class!  This was the 3rd and final CD leg for Teva - congratulations to Teva, Darren and Michele on their CD!

Next, it was Cava's first time in the obedience ring.  As we had done very little training in the weeks leading up to the show (she was in season and we were busy), I was a bit uncertain about how it would go.  She was actually pretty good and maintained good attention and attitude right up to the heel-free exercise.  At that point she noticed the dirt/sand floor and all of the interesting smells and such in it..... Our heel-free routine was downright ugly, but we got through.  Despite not having done any group stays in several months, she coped nicelwith a ring full of flat-coats-on-stays and we managed a qualifying score and her first CD leg.

Cava and Liz in the obedience ring - thank-you to Amanda Shigehiro for the photo!

Lindy (Blazingstar Linneaus) did a really nice job in Utility - we were especially impressed with her signals and glove exercise.  Unfortunately she did not bring back the correct scent articles, so did not pass.  But after watching her lovely work, we are sure she will get there!

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