Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lupine 14/4/2003 - 12/9/2012

Ch Prairielight Blazingstar Kini CDX WC JH RE SHDX

This such a difficult and sad blog post to write.....  almost a month ago we had to let Lupine go.  She showed little to no signs of being sick and was happily swimming in the river just a few days before we discovered that her lungs were full of cancer.  We had noticed some increased thirst and took her to our vet for blood tests.  Everything came back normal, but then she started to lose interest in food, so we had x-rays taken and the problem was revealed.  She had only had one bad day and we didn't want her to have any more bad days, so we said goodbye.  An autopsy showed that she had histiocytic sarcoma that started in her spleen and spread quickly to her lungs.

We take some solace in the fact that she had had a great summer and was full of energy and enthusiasm right up to the end.  Her solid presence in our household is very much missed by everyone.

Here are some of our favourite photos that show Lupine and her wonderful personality and temperament:

She was an exceptionally sweet, calm and gentle flat-coat

She was a great hunting dog

She was an outstandingly patient and involved mother to her puppies and to all puppies we raised here

She was a High in Trial obedience dog and always had a good time in the ring whatever we were doing.

She loved scent hurdle racing

Swimming and water were one of her many passions

But most of all she was a loved and cherished companion.
We miss you Lupine.


  1. I am sorry. The last is...wonderful and says so much about you and your dogs, and Lupine in particular.

  2. So sorry for your loss. She is beautiful and I agree the love just pours out of the photos.

  3. My heart aches for you both, I am so happy to have known Lupine, I really loved her & I will miss her very much

  4. We miss Miss Loopy Loo too, and cried when she was gone. A lucky girl to have had only one bad day, and so many good ones with you & Andy.