Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Addition to Blazingstar

Just before Christmas we welcomed a new feline to our pack.

Meet Blomkvist, Salander's sidekick.

We were worried that our older cat, Salander might not appreciate the new addition.  It took her a few days to warm up to him, but now they are best friends.

Salander is a working cat.  Her primarily job is to keep our kennel and gardens free of rodents.  Her other role is to educate puppies in the ways of cats.  But she does tend to get lonely when we are away with the dogs, so we have been wondering about getting her a companion.

Like Salander, Blomkvist is 100% Alberta ranch cat.  We got him from Phantom Ridge Ranch at 8 weeks old.  His was the only surviving kitten from a litter and his mother had stopped looking after him.  Being so young we were hopeful that Salander would be more likely to accept him.

In less than a week Salander and Blomkvist were playing together, grooming each other and curling up in a warm ball of pure snuggly stripy-ness.

Because he's so small and it's so cold, Blomkvist only gets to spend short periods of time outside and always under our supervision.


  1. He's so tiny and delicate! I wonder if he'll grow as big as Salander. Well, maybe if she trains him in the ways of a hunting feline... :)

  2. BTW you should add Cedar to your blog list!