Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tinbie Update

Thankfully Tinbie is already much improved after his bout of trigeminal neuritis.  After 16 days of being hand fed and hand watered (via jello), his lower jaw started to look a little better and he could eat on his own again.  A couple of days after that he was also able to drink again.  We are very relieved and lucky that it only lasted 2.5 weeks.

In case it is helpful to anyone else, we did the following to "treat" the condition, although who knows if any of it did anything to help.  We tried to focus on things that might help to reduce inflammation:
1. Metacam at the full dose in an attempt to reduces inflammation.  As his jaw improved we started to reduce the dosage.
2. Extra vitamin C.  He normally gets 500mg and we increased to 1500mg a day.
3. Extra fish oils - we doubled his normal dose to 4000mg a day.
4. Vitamin E (500mg)
5. Increased the coconut oil in his diet to 1 tablespoon a day.
6. Kept him well hydrated with lots and lots of jello.

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