Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cava wins Best Puppy in Group at the Lethbridge Show

Cava posing with her big blue ribbon

Cava had a great weekend at the Lethbridge Dog Show at the end of November. She won the points each of the 3 days, gaining a total of 6 points in one weekend. On Sunday she also went on to win Best Puppy in Group under judge James Reynolds, which was a real thrill.

Showing her in the Best Puppy in Show ring was quite the experience for both of us. After moving around the ring twice, we almost caught up with the Pomeranian puppy from the Toy Group and Cava could not think of anything else once she had spotted it! I think she wanted to retrieve it. It took a while to get her attention back on me.


  1. Cava showed very beautifully that weekend....um except for when she spotted the Pom.

    Congrats to you both!