Friday, December 10, 2010


It has been five months since the seabird litter was born. So it's long overdue for an update (or a pupdate). All of the puppies have now gone to their new homes, except for Puffin, who has stayed here.

The 8 wonderful puppies are:

Puppy 1 (Red) "Thor" - Blazingstar Northern Gannet (Ontario)

Puppy 2 (Dark Pink) "Puffin" - Blazingstar Puffin (staying with us)

Puppy 3 (Bright Blue) "Odo" - Blazingstar King Eider (Colorado)

Puppy 4 (Green) "Gulliver" - Blazingstar Laughing Gull (we co-own him with friends in Lethbridge)

Puppy 5 (Yellow) "Kit" - Blazingstar Kittiwake (Edmonton, Alberta)

Puppy 6 (Light Pink) "Luna" - Blazingstar Midnight Loon (we co-own her with friends in Montana)

Puppy 7 (Light Blue) "Ripley" - Blazingstar Guillemot (Calgary, Alberta)

Puppy 8 (Grey) "Sooty" - Blazingstar Sooty Shearwater (Wisconsin)

We are pleased to report that they are all doing really well in their new homes. Teva was a fantastic mother and has settled back into her usual life in Edmonton.

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