Monday, February 21, 2011

Scent Hurdle Racing Update

At the EKKOC show in Calgary, Lupine ran in her first scent hurdle races with Due South. She did a fantastic job for her first race. I think she brought back one "X" by mistake, (or pure goofiness?), but apart from that she did not make any errors. For many of the dogs on our team, it was their first time in a real race and they all did very well, although there were a few hiccups. On Friday Due South placed 4th out of 5 teams and on Saturday we placed 2nd out of 5 teams! Lupine racked up 35 scent hurdle points over the course of the 2 days. Lupine's daughter, Kona, also ran on our team and did a very nice job. She is amazingly fast and turned a lot of heads.

The photos are from a practice session at home. As you can see, Lupine loves it. We are in the process of training Cava the basics of scent hurdle racing as well. Tinbie is also giving it a try, but he gets so excited by it that he tends to crash through the jumps rather than going over them - we are working on that!

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  1. Kona got 20 points that weekend. She probably would have got more but she kind of got lost coming back on the hurdles a few times