Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Lethbridge Dog Show

November 18th - 20th was our local dog show put on by the Lethbridge and District Kennel Club. We think it's important to support our local show, so entered all three show dogs as specials.  We looked forward to a nice entry of 7 flat-coats, but unfortunately most of them had picked up kennel cough at the Red Deer show and Puffin, Tinbie and Cava were the only flat-coats present.  Puffin won best of breed on Friday, Tinbie won best of breed on the Saturday and Sunday.  Thank-you to Pat, Julia and Sarah for helping me show the dogs!

Perhaps the most fun was watching Tinbie and Lupine compete in the Junior Handling rings with their new young friends, Chloe and Mitchell.   Both Juniors did a fantastic job, winning their classes and we got to cheer them on in the final competition!

Tinbie and Mitchell

Lupine and Chloe (with our canine friends Abby and Gyp behind)

As well as the showing, our dogs had a constant stream of visitors and they charmed the pants off them all (and took the opportunity to clean the faces of many small children). 

Unfortunately it seems that we did not manage to avoid kennel cough after all - Puffin and Cava came down with it this week, but they are doing alright.

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