Saturday, November 26, 2011

Scent Hurdle Racing Update

Lupine is back!  She had to take the summer off from scent hurdle racing and other jarring activities because of a limp.  Her limp was diagnosed in the spring as arthritis in her left elbow.  We had a variety of treatments to treat her elbow and also her right shoulder which seemed stiff and sore, possibly as a result of compensating for the arthritis in her other side.   We also started her on a joint supplement that did wonders for Tally and Huxley as they aged.  By the end of the summer, she was so much better and the arthritis only bothered her if she had overdone things (e.g. a lot of retrieving or more swimming than usual).  This fall we haven't seen the limp at all, even after hunting. 

Our scent hurdle racing team, Due South, competed at the Lethbridge show and Lupine was great - no errors at all.  In fact our whole team was amazing, including our newest member, Betty the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.   We are not a particularly fast team as most of our dogs are veterans, but we still managed to place 3rd out of the 6 teams racing.  Lupine's daughter, Kona, is now very close to finishing her Scent Hurdle Dog Championship.  Lupine racked up 35 points, giving her enough to complete her Scent Hurdle Dog Excellent title. 

Molly, with Token and Kona in the background

Our newest member of Due South, Betty.  This was taken at a practice a  few weeks ago (hence no jackets!).  Token, in the background, completed her Scent Hurdle Championship at the Lethbridge show.
Lupine waiting her turn at a practice. 
Kona, with Drummer in the background. 

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