Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday to Lupine

On Saturday we celebrated Lupine's 9th birthday.  She has a little bit of manageable arthritis, but is otherwise a very fit, active and healthy 9 year old. We thawed a pheasant out for her, as pheasants are one of her favourite things.  She proudly paraded around with it and we sent her on a few short retrieves.  She also did some obedience training (which she loves) and finished off the day with a meaty deer bone and a few sips of beer (another favourite of hers!).

Our cat, Salander, was very interested in the pheasant, but Lupine wasn't going to give it up!


  1. awwww her very own dead bird lol!!! Lupine will always be a favourite of mine ♥
    Happy Birthday Sweet Girl !!!