Friday, April 27, 2012

Lethbridge Children's Festival

Some of our dogs were invited to participate in the Lethbridge & District Kennel Club and GoDogGo demonstrations at the Lethbridge Children's Festival last weekend.   It was a chaotic, but fun, day.  Cava was on the obedience drill team, along with Kort, Gyp, Pixel and Bosley.   She did quite well despite the hugely distracting environment.    Lupine demonstrated utility obedience, which was a great training experience for her.  She also did well under the conditions, with just a few wobbly bits in the scent articles and signals exercises.  Tinbie was in the conformation demonstration and also got to participate in several "meet and greets" with the children and their parents.  It wasn't the best conditions for photos, but they give you an idea of the event.

Cava decided to man the LDKC booth for a while
Lupine after her utility demo

Tinbie enjoyed all of the attention

More pats for Tinbie

Bosley and Kim did a wonderful demonstration of carting.  Here they are taking the "injured" Gyp to the vet.


  1. it was definately a fun filled day :)

  2. I would love to do something like this!

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