Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Canadian Specialty - Non-Regular Classes

Liz braved the brace ring again with Cava and Puffin.  The dogs were quite tired by this point in the show and Puffin made it very clear she had had enough of showing!  Still, they did a nice job and placed 3rd in the class.

Puffin and Cava.  Photo by Hayley Tomlinson

Cava ready to go around the ring again.... Puffin not so much!

Lindy showed in the Altered Class and placed 4th.  It was quite a challenge to get her spay coat under control before she entered the show ring - thank-you to Gemma, Hayley, Roz and Hayley for helping us groom her!  And thank-you to Shawna for showing her so well!

Lindy and Shawna

You can see all of our specialty photos here: 

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  1. Yay it's Lindy! Thanks for the shout out Liz :) and photo, she does look great :)