Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Canadian Specialty - the "Specials"

Tinbie, Cava and Puffin all showed in the Specials class (for champions).  This presented a bit of a handling challenge, but fortunately we had friends from the UK visiting and they jumped in to help out.  It was especially nice that Hayley was able to show Puffin for us (Hayley bred and owns her sire, Remus).  They made a beautiful team.  Gemma stepped in and helped us with both Cava and Tinbie.  Thank-you to both of them!

All three dogs made the cuts for the final line up for Best of Breed, which was wonderful!


Hayley and Puffin, with judge Brenda Hutchison

Liz and Tinbie


Kona also showed in the Specials class.  Thank-you to Shawna for showing her so beautifully!

You can see all of our specialty photos here: 

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