Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ambition, Perserverance and Success

Flat-coats are very determined dogs.  When they put their mind to something, they keep trying until they succeed.   Puffin is no exception.  She likes to grab a piece of firewood as we head out on a walk.  Usually the firewood gets forgotten on the prairie somewhere, and our firewood pile is rapidly disappearing.   So we picked up and stacked the split firewood, out of Puffin's reach, leaving only the logs that still needed to be split. 

This did not deter Puffin:

Puffin is not our first firewood retriever.  Tally used to do the same thing:

And Tally's daughter, Pipit:


  1. oh that is just precious!!!
    Love that Pipit also has a ball, just to show her less serious side I suppose !
    Great pictures, you could frame them & put them on the wall as an inspirational series :)

  2. As we like to say, "Power without lumber...what's the point?"