Monday, April 18, 2011

Roekkr CDI

Last weekend, Roekkr completed his CDI (Companion Dog Intermediate) in Thunder Bay.  We don't have the intermediate obedience classes offered here in Alberta very often.  So for those of you that are unfamiliar with them, the CDI is an intermediate level between CD and CDX.  The excercises are: Honour, Heel Free and Figure 8, Stand for Examination, Recall Holding Dumbbell , Drop from Heel and the Broad Jump.  

Congratulations to Roekkr, Joey & Linda! 

CH Blazingstar Longspur at Labrys Can CDI JH WC RA Am CD WCX RE
(back when he was 10 weeks old and didn't have any titles!)


  1. Congrats to Roekker, Joey and Linda!!! CDI looks like it has some very useful and fun exercises.

  2. awww little Rokker, I remember when they got him. What a strange world we live in...I was in Thunder Bay then, didn't know you, now I live here & will be getting a puppy from you one day :)