Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lupine - Scent Hurdle Dog

Keen and ready to race at the start of the night!

Lupine was starting to wonder if she was ever going to get her dinner!

Drummer, Token, Ryder & Lupine
Due South scent hurdle racing team
Our Due South team raced at the Red Deer show on the weekend and I'm pretty sure that Lupine finished her Scent Hurdle Dog title, as she only needed 3 clean runs to finish.  The racing was great fun, but with 9 teams entered, we raced until 11pm!  Even Lupine was getting rather tired towards the end.  Our team did very well, with a few hiccups, but fewer than the last time we ran. 

Update:  It's been confirmed, Lupine and Kona both completed their SHD titles!

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