Sunday, July 18, 2010

Top Dogs

Lindy - Currently ranked #2 in Rally Obedience and #4 in Obedience.

We don't pay too much attention to the standings in conformation, obedience and rally, but I think we need to brag a little this year.... We just checked the standings and were pleased to notice that Blazingstar dogs are in the top 5 for all three areas as of July 2010.

In conformation, Tinbie (Ch Blazingstar Tinbergen WC) is the # 3 flat-coat in Canada. Not bad considering we have only shown him for two weekends this year.

In obedience, his sister, Lindy (Blazingtstar Linnaeus CDX JH WCI RE AgIS AgIJWWS CGN) is ranked the #4 flat-coat in Canada.

In rally obedience, Lindy is ranked the #2 flat-coat in Canada, Roekkr (Ch Blazingstar Longspur at Labrys Can CD JH WC RA Am CD WCX RE) is #3, Lupine (Ch Prairielight Blazingstar Kini CDX WC JH RA) i s#4, our good friend Kaleb (Ch Prairielight Talk of the Town CD WC RN WC AGX AGIJ AGNS AGNJS) is #5 and our Huxley is # 6.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cava Turns 6 Months Old

Today Cava (Bramatha Under Pressure) turns 6 months old. We are very pleased with how she is growing up. She is at that typical flat-coat puppy stage of being very lean, leggy and long! She is loads of fun to train and play with.

Yesterday she found a dead fish along the river. Instead of rolling in it, she tried to pick it up. So I threw it into the river before the other dogs found it (they would definitely have rolled in it!) and Cava ran into the river and brought it back. Tinbie used to retrieve fish when he was a puppy, so I guess it is just another flat-coat quirk.

Thank-you again to Sarah Whittaker for trusting us with such a beautiful and smart puppy!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

8 New Arrivals

On July 7th we welcomed 8 new puppies - 5 males and 3 females. Their mother is Teva, Blazingstar Tansley. We have borrowed Teva back from her owners for this litter. The sire is Remus, Rainesgift Over the Moon JW, owned by Hayley Thomlinson in the UK.
Teva is being a fantastic first-time mother. She is very reluctant to leave her puppies and spends most of her time cleaning and feeding them. She is very much like her mother, Lupine, in her devotion to her puppies. The puppies are gaining weight already and seem to be very healthy and vigorous.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Spectacular Prairie

This spring and summer the wildflowers have been prolific because of all the rain we had. The prairie grass is still green and lush and it's been great for taking photos. The only downside is the cloud of mosquitoes that joins us on our walks. Here are just a few of the many photos we've taken in the last few days: