Monday, April 8, 2013

Foster Puppies

We have been fostering a litter of four puppies for the last couple of weeks.  They needed somewhere where they could stay together and also be socialized around friendly adult dogs until ready to go to new homes.  Although we are both very busy with work, we volunteered to try to give them a good start in life here.  

They arrived at 6 weeks old and had been well cared for.  Lou, Gus, Otter and Jack settled in very quickly and our own dogs were insanely excited about the new additions.

Not very much is known about their heritage, except that they are 1/4 Bernese Mountain Dog.  They certainly are chunky puppies that will likely grow into fairly large dogs.  It's interesting to observe all of the differences between them and our flat-coat litters.

We are fostering the puppies for Windy City Canine Rescue in Lethbridge and they already all have homes lined up and/or adoptions pending.

The cats are helping to socialize the puppies too.

Cava and Gus

Cava and Puffin are teaching Otter to dig

Meet Blue

Back in March we had the pleasure of meeting Blue on his long trip from Fall Flight kennels in Wisconsin to Edmonton.  Blue is the only male from the Tinbie x Trina litter and we are very pleased that he will be living in Alberta and we will get to see him grow up.  We would have happily kept him here, but he belongs to Teva's owners, Darren and Michele.  

Meeting Salander

Father and son portrait

Blue and Tinbie