Friday, April 27, 2012

Lethbridge Children's Festival

Some of our dogs were invited to participate in the Lethbridge & District Kennel Club and GoDogGo demonstrations at the Lethbridge Children's Festival last weekend.   It was a chaotic, but fun, day.  Cava was on the obedience drill team, along with Kort, Gyp, Pixel and Bosley.   She did quite well despite the hugely distracting environment.    Lupine demonstrated utility obedience, which was a great training experience for her.  She also did well under the conditions, with just a few wobbly bits in the scent articles and signals exercises.  Tinbie was in the conformation demonstration and also got to participate in several "meet and greets" with the children and their parents.  It wasn't the best conditions for photos, but they give you an idea of the event.

Cava decided to man the LDKC booth for a while
Lupine after her utility demo

Tinbie enjoyed all of the attention

More pats for Tinbie

Bosley and Kim did a wonderful demonstration of carting.  Here they are taking the "injured" Gyp to the vet.

Grandpuppies for Huxley

On April 21st, Huxley's daughter Marlene (Ch Kippenhill Too Cool to Care) whelped 6 puppies -  3 males and 3 females, all black. The sire is the mult-talented Hunter (GCH CH UH SHR Wingmaster's History Repeats CDX JH RE WCX CGC) - it should be a lovely litter. Huxley's daughter is at Kippenhill kennel in Florida.  

Marlene and her puppies

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hip Hip Hurray!

Getting health testing done on young dogs is always a rather nerve-wracking experience.  Even when you don't have any reason to suspect there are problems, there can be surprises which throw your plans out of the window.  So it was nice to have some good test results back in the past week.

Kona's owners had her hips and patellas tested and she passed with flying colours and Excellent hips.

Kona  - Ch Blazingstar Brown Coneflower RN SHDCH (Begbie x Lupine)
We had Cava's hips, elbows and patellas done a few weeks ago and were very happy to get the results back from OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) today - Patellas Normal, Elbows Normal and Hips Good!

Cava - Ch Bramatha Under Pressure

Happy 9th Birthday to Lupine

On Saturday we celebrated Lupine's 9th birthday.  She has a little bit of manageable arthritis, but is otherwise a very fit, active and healthy 9 year old. We thawed a pheasant out for her, as pheasants are one of her favourite things.  She proudly paraded around with it and we sent her on a few short retrieves.  She also did some obedience training (which she loves) and finished off the day with a meaty deer bone and a few sips of beer (another favourite of hers!).

Our cat, Salander, was very interested in the pheasant, but Lupine wasn't going to give it up!