Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Huxley 1/6/2000 - 20/7/2010

Our website and blog has become very out of date lately. One of the reasons is because it is so difficult to write this news.

Back in July we had to have Huxley put to sleep. His kidneys had simply worn out and he was in kidney failure. We had hoped to have some more time with him, but he went downhill very quickly.

Our household seems very empty without him and it seems worse now that the puppies have left for their homes and things are somewhat back to normal.

He was a great dog, a flashy showman in the ring, a trusty and brave hunting dog, a comedian and a wonderful companion. Everything that a flat-coated retriever should be.
Huxley - Am/Can CH O'Flanagan Alder CD WC RN - we miss you.