Friday, November 9, 2012

Excellent news

Like her dam and grand-dam, Puffin's hips came back as OFA Excellent.  It doesn't get any better than that!  We are very pleased that Puffin has passed all of her health clearances.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Salander Calendar

Back by popular demand, and because it rhymes, our 2013 Salander Calendar is now available.  Salander is Blazingstar's resident cat.  She is 100% Alberta Barn Cat and is bursting with character and charm.  She is a "working cat" and keeps our gardens and kennel free of rodents.  Her other job is helping to teach puppies to have respect for cats.

It is available at our cafepress store at

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Championship Points for Teva

Also at the Red Deer show, Teva (Blazingstar Tansley CD) gained two more points towards her championship.  She now just needs 1 point to finish!  Teva was beautifully shown by her owner, Michele.  Congratulations Teva, Darren & Michele!

Rally Obedience Novice Leg #2 for Cava

We zipped up to the Red Deer show on Saturday and Cava passed Rally Novice with a 2nd place and a lovely score of 98/100.  This is the first of several rally and obedience trials we are gearing up for this month.  Cava did a nice job in the ring, once she was focused.  Once again, getting ready to get started was the hardest part - she stood by my side and gawked around at the judge (giving him a few flirty tail wags, of course) and the looked around the ring for what seemed like several minutes while I said "sit, sit, sit......" and tried to get her attention.  I expect it was just a few seconds in reality, but it was enough to make me nervous!  Once I had her attention and we left the start line, she was great and stayed focused all the way through the course.

The following day we competed in Novice Obedience at a local fun match and she tied for first place in the class.