Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Canadian Specialty - Field Events

We entered Puffin and Cava in the WC tests and Lupine in the WCI.  The young girls were quite overwhelmed by the tests on the first day, but were much more settled and excited about it on the second day.  Cava managed to pass her WC and Puffin came very close if it wasn't for a giant bull frog that spooked her in the water!

Lupine did some nice work in the WCI, but has her own ways of doing things these days and ran the banks on the way out to the memory bird in the water.  But we were just thrilled to be able to run her in tests at 9.5 years of age!  And she had a terrific time fetching birds.

Sam was entered in the WCX and he passed both days.  Lindy was also entered in the WCX, but she did not manage to pass this time.  It was great to be able to watch both Sam and Lindy at work.  

Sam in the WCX

Lindy and Rod in the WCX



Cava.  Photo by Hayley Tomlinson
Puffin.  Photo by Hayley Tomlinson
Sam and Sylvia

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Canadian Specialty - Non-Regular Classes

Liz braved the brace ring again with Cava and Puffin.  The dogs were quite tired by this point in the show and Puffin made it very clear she had had enough of showing!  Still, they did a nice job and placed 3rd in the class.

Puffin and Cava.  Photo by Hayley Tomlinson

Cava ready to go around the ring again.... Puffin not so much!

Lindy showed in the Altered Class and placed 4th.  It was quite a challenge to get her spay coat under control before she entered the show ring - thank-you to Gemma, Hayley, Roz and Hayley for helping us groom her!  And thank-you to Shawna for showing her so well!

Lindy and Shawna

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Canadian Specialty - the "Specials"

Tinbie, Cava and Puffin all showed in the Specials class (for champions).  This presented a bit of a handling challenge, but fortunately we had friends from the UK visiting and they jumped in to help out.  It was especially nice that Hayley was able to show Puffin for us (Hayley bred and owns her sire, Remus).  They made a beautiful team.  Gemma stepped in and helped us with both Cava and Tinbie.  Thank-you to both of them!

All three dogs made the cuts for the final line up for Best of Breed, which was wonderful!


Hayley and Puffin, with judge Brenda Hutchison

Liz and Tinbie


Kona also showed in the Specials class.  Thank-you to Shawna for showing her so beautifully!

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Canadian Specialty - Luna!

We had the pleasure of showing Puffin's sister, Luna (Blazingstar Midnight Loon), in the Canadian-bred class.  Thank-you to her owners, Jennifer and Mike, for letting Liz show her.  She was quite a wild thing while we were practicing, but calmed down and showed very nicely once we were in the ring.  Luna placed 2nd in the class, which was a thrill!

Luna checks to see if there is anything edible in the bucket that she won.  Photo by Hayley Tomlinson.

Luna also turned heads in the scurry (a timed retrieving event) where she was the fasted dog in her age class and the second fastest dog overall.   It was great to have a chance to see her again and visit with her owners.

Luna waiting for her turn in the scurry
And there she goes!
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More From the Canadian Specialty - Conformation - Veterans

Oops, we have lots of catching up to do.....  Firstly, going back to July and the Canadian Specialty in BC and starting with the veterans:

We had the pleasure of showing Huxley's 10 year old son, Jona (Ch Prairielight Up At Dawn CDX WCX SH) in the veterans classes.  He hasn't shown for a while but hadn't forgotten how to strut his stuff and was in great shape for a 10 year old.   Jona placed 4th in Veteran Sweeps and 4th in Field Male.

Jona on the move

Lupine in the ring.  Photo by Hayley Tomlinson.

Lupine, Tinbie and Kona in the background - 3rd in the Brood Matron class.  Photo by Hayley Tomlinson.
Lupine also showed in the 9-11 yr veterans classes and the brood matron class.  She placed 3rd in the huge brood matron class, with the help of Tinbie and Kona.

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