Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rally Obedience Novice Leg #2 for Cava

We zipped up to the Red Deer show on Saturday and Cava passed Rally Novice with a 2nd place and a lovely score of 98/100.  This is the first of several rally and obedience trials we are gearing up for this month.  Cava did a nice job in the ring, once she was focused.  Once again, getting ready to get started was the hardest part - she stood by my side and gawked around at the judge (giving him a few flirty tail wags, of course) and the looked around the ring for what seemed like several minutes while I said "sit, sit, sit......" and tried to get her attention.  I expect it was just a few seconds in reality, but it was enough to make me nervous!  Once I had her attention and we left the start line, she was great and stayed focused all the way through the course.

The following day we competed in Novice Obedience at a local fun match and she tied for first place in the class.

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  1. she didn't gawk as long as you think, wait till you see the video :)
    Such a good girl !